Employee Survey


It is important to remember the definitions of teaching staff below when completing this survey. Unless specifically stated, all teaching staff should answer all questions even if they are not responsible for the work addressed in the statement. For example, question 1 says “teachers” work with the family. If you are an Assistant Teacher–Teacher Aide, your answer should be based on whether the teacher(s) you work with meet this statement. For more information, see Definitions Related to Teaching Staff Members in the 2008 edition of the Self-Study Kit or in the TORCH Resource Library. Teachers: Adults with primary responsibility for a group of children. Each group must have at least one designated teacher. The teacher must spend the vast majority of time with one group of children who attend at the same time rather than divide time between classrooms or float between groups. Assistant Teachers–Teacher Aides: Adults who work under the direct supervision of a teacher. An assistant teacher–teacher aide can work independently in a teacher’s absence, but for the vast majority of the time, the assistant teacher–teacher aide works directly with the teacher in the same space and with the same group of children. Teaching Staff: Adults working at a program who are assigned the role of teacher or assistant teacher–teacher aide. Program Staff: May be members of the teaching staff, support staff, and/or administration.








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