About Us

Woodland Child Development Center, Inc. was born out of an expressed need for quality child care in the Hammond community. Members of the Neighborhood Action Council; a federal low-income housing project approached the Board of Trustees of the Woodmar Methodist Church with a desire to set up a day care center. An ad-hoc committee was formed to explore the possibility. The body secured a one time federal grant through the Lake County Economic Opportunity Council along with local contributions and set up the day care agency in a space offered for rent in the new addition of the Woodmar United Methodist Church. Staff was hired and the daycare center officially opened on January 6, 1970. Today, Woodland has experienced expansion in its physical location and overall space as well as a tremendous growth in its child enrollment. When the Center opened in 1970, it was licensed for 30 children; at the present time, the center is licensed for 263.

We are NAEYC accredited



We are On May Way Certified



We are a Level 4 Paths to Quality Provider



Our Curriculum

We utilize THE CREATIVE CURRICULUM. It is based on the theory that children learn through play. It incorporates learning through play, after all our most important clients LOVE to play. The curriculum allows for teaching staff to follow guidelines. It encourages creativity and “out the box” lesson plan designs and implementation. Through Creative Curriculum, our highly skilled caregivers are trained to help children become independent, responsible, confident and ready for success. They gain knowledge and skills such as language and literacy, initiative and social relations, movement, and music. Our curriculum has been researched, scientifically tested and with our highly skilled staff, we pride ourselves on providing quality care that garner AWESOME results.