Pre-School Enrollment Packet

This form is for the enrollment of children ages 1 year to 5 years old. Please click on the link labeled PRESCHOOL ENROLLMENT PACKET. The application can be filled out using a computer (PDFzorro) or mobile device (Adobe Reader). A link has been placed below for your convenience to PDFzorro.

Fill out the application, fill out the form below, and upload the completed application to the UPLOAD form below. Alternatively, you can download the application, fill out the form below and bring the completed application with you to our office. See you soon!

Click on the CLICK HERE BUTTON below to download the ENROLLMENT PACKET

Once you have downloaded the enrollment packet, click on the button below if you wish to complete the forms online. We have also provided information on how to fill out the application online. Please click on the link below.

Note: please do not convert file to Microsoft Document format. Doing so may increase the risk of the file becoming corrupted.

How to fill out packet online

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